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Chris Campbell

Lichen Glaze - Clear Or Frost

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Can someone recommend a commercial lichen glaze that is not colored please?

The closer to clear the better but a frost/ slightly white would work too.


I usually have some of Lana Wilson's fabulous lichen around ... but not right now ... and I only need to glaze a few items so do not want to make up a whole recipe.

I am trying to be lazy again but it likely won't work!! :P

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I wanted to see what Minspar by itself melted like at ^6. The attached pic is of 1 tsp piled up in a bisqued bowl. In the center where the Minspar was thickest its a melted blob with cracks but at the edges where it thinned out its almost like pearls, very well attached to the pot. The colour is much more frosty / clear than the magnesium carb fluxed crawls/lichens that I've used. I haven't had time to play around with this but I think it has possibilities.




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