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Mug Mould

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I volunteer at a local Scout campsite, and during the winter we have to carry water from home. We're reluctant to waste good tea-making opportunities by washing up, so I've been making mugs with names on. Having made 18 by hand, (rolled out clay wrapped round a tonic bottle, rolled out base, sausage handle, foot-ring and letters), I'm starting to get fed-up with all this work. Especially as I've had another 8 orders !!


I’ve still not mastered the wheel, and anyway, handles bug me., so, I decided to make a mould and cast them. Spent ages looking at books, looking for videos on YouTube - not many there, made my model out of clay, and spent the last two days poking bits of clay round the model, mixing, pouring and cleaning plaster, and it’s done


Now I know why there's so few vids out there. The books make it look so easy, everything in the books is clean, neat and tidy, with the model embedded in smooth, level clay. Well, the reality is a bit different, but I'm pleased with the result. Just hope I'll still be pleased with the casts I'm going to produce.  The hand-made mugs were rustic, mis-shaped, uneven glaze on the outside, but everyone loves their mug.  Looking at the mould, I don’t think these will be much different, just quicker for me.


So, for your amusement, some photos:








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Well done you for getting this far! I can throw (a bit!), but am not yet proficient enough to repeat a shape consistently so I've also thought about making a mould and slip-casting. (My daughter keeps asking for a 'set' of mugs. She doesn't realise it's not quite that simple!) You're so right about there not being a lot of info out there - I found a couple of useful bits on YouTube, and have managed to make a one-piece mould of a small bowl but haven't tried casting from it yet! You are very brave to try a 2 piece mould - would love to see / hear how it goes!

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