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jennifer arthur

Electric Kiln Oxidation Chun

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I have started to try experimenting with Peters Pottery Chun glazes.

i managed to trial a beaker style vessel and it looks stuning.
They are so beautiful but I am unsure how best to apply them.

I'm a relative newbie to glazes mixing so a bit confused.

I know that the dark, temoku style glaze covers the pot first, then a 2nd glaze and finally the clear chun glaze.

But do you totally cover the pot three times or are the last two glazes more freely applyied by pouring or brush.

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In learning how to glaze, it's not just one way to apply the glaze. Glazing is like painting a canvas, learn by doing. Test tiles are ideal for developing your pallet of glazes. These are your reference points for future work.


Keep notes and observe both successes and failure.

By doing each of the methods you posted, you will gain experience.


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