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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. My first ever kiln should be here in November sometime. It's an Evenheat, 4.7 cu feet, cone 10 top loader. Guess I'm feeling very nervous but lots of time before it arrives down under to get my stuff together.
  2. Hi everyone, I've just ordered my first electric kiln and although it comes with it's own programmer and preset programs I don't understand how the programs are set up, as in time and temp for, say a bisque fire or glaze firing. Is there info or a particular book that sets out programs and how to fire the kiln with your own programs?
  3. I have started to try experimenting with Peters Pottery Chun glazes. i managed to trial a beaker style vessel and it looks stuning. They are so beautiful but I am unsure how best to apply them. I'm a relative newbie to glazes mixing so a bit confused. I know that the dark, temoku style glaze covers the pot first, then a 2nd glaze and finally the clear chun glaze. But do you totally cover the pot three times or are the last two glazes more freely applyied by pouring or brush.
  4. Up here in far North Queensland, it's more crocodiles, giant pythons and jelly fish. Weathers beutiful though.
  5. A collection of my works. Both raku and stoneware
  6. Hi Irene, Sounds like you are very organised with your kilns. I am just starting out with my own equipment and finding it very daunting. Being up in Cairns further complicates things. Not only do we not have any distributors but no technichians either. I'm off to the "Spring Fever" on the Sunshine Coast in October so hopefully will be able to expand my knowledge after that. Cheers, Jenny
  7. Hi Neil, There is a distributor but they are far far away in southern Queensland. I'm looking at the L&L e23S-3 or the e18T single phase. Can't make up my mind whether the wider e23s would be more user friendly and efficient though. Is shipping complicated, and I wonder if there would be a difference in price? It would have to come through Brisbane port I expect and then up here by road or rail. We're kind of like the last outpost, but very beautiful. Appreciate any advice. Thanks, jenny
  8. I really battle to load the front loader at tafe. Being a little vertically challenged trying to hold the half kiln shelf up and place it is a strain on shoulders and back, not to mention nervewracking. I think from these comments I'm going to go for a top loader. thanks everyone.
  9. I am in the midst of trying to decide on a small electric kiln. It must be around 4 cu feet, fire to cone 10 and have an auto programmer. I'm in Far North Queensland, Australia. I would really appreciate any advise. Am looking at L & L Top loading, Shimpo DUA07 and Woodrow Hotbox II.
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