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Bisque Wrapped In Newspaper For A Very, Very Long Time

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I've very recently unpacked a wet bin load of old bisque in old newspapers that has sat in a celler for 9 years. The pots had the most outstanding green, black or white moulds growing on them!!!


All went into 2 big bisque firings at Cone 06 and all but one look great again, several are in a glaze fire now.   The odd one looks a bit discoloured but that is probably with a smear of slip.   I was experimenting with slip for a while and figure I packed this one without a good clean first....but... I have an opaque satin black I want to test so this little pot will be it!


My vote is bisque again to Cone 06.



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joshur    4

It is just mold, if it were mine and I wanted to be sure I got the best possible results, I would re bisque and then blow off the residue. I have done that before with pieces that have sat for 30 years, it is amazing the amount of organic and other buildup that happens over time. Last year I fired a large electric kiln that had sat for 15 to 20 years, it smoked quite a bit from all the organic material that had grown in the kiln.

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