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  1. Hi Shirley, Do you remember how high you had to bisque? I think these were originally fired to 07. Lee
  2. That is interesting about the lead. It was 1992. LOL.... I wonder? I'm going to try scrubbing them before I re-bisque any more. I don't think mildew cause it wasn't there before I re-fired, yesterday. I'm gonna glaze test on a small pot in a test kiln and cross my fingers. I'll have to but a little kiln god on it and do a little dance. The dance is optional.....
  3. This is a light buff body, I can't imagine what it could be. I don't think iron,,,,any thoughts? Lee
  4. my studio is sooo small I need sturdy mobility with lots of options. What about those dots....what are they?
  5. Only some of the pots got these crazy dots. I attached a close up of the dots after the re-fire. They were not there prior. Difficult surface to shoot. Guess I've had them in limbo for so long I'm over thinking them. thanks everyone, I will just scrub them and see what happens. I've attached a
  6. well, I guess I will pick out the worst one as recommended and give it a whirl. thanks
  7. Well, their location has changed over the course of YEARS. LOL They had been wrapped initially for 20 years....I kid you not....in the basement. They have been sitting out in the studio/garage for a year while I've considered what to do with them. I laugh at the moisture question, I live on Long Island and it's pouring out. I re-fired a load yesterday and some of them developed small 1/4" gray dots, like shadows, flat no texture. I only took it to barely red heat and shut it off.
  8. I was hoping I didn't have to go that high. Not sure about how I will glaze. Just beginning glaze tests now. Ok thanks
  9. Yipeee......Finally about to glaze some pots that have sadly sat wrapped in newspaper for a very, very long time. I expect a resist or residue from the ink....yes? Shall I re-fire at a low temp to burn these oils off? How hot do you think? thanks
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