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Crawl glaze

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Last autumn I mixed a small (100 gram) batch of ^6 crawl glaze, a simple recipe (Magnesium Carbonate 25, Nepheline Syenite 70, Ball clay 5), it worked fine, did exactly what I wanted.


I wanted to use it today and cracked the lid open to give it a stir and it's turned a pale turquoise in colour, I'm fairly anal about not contaminating one product with another so I don't think that that's the cause.


I only have enough left for what I want for one pot, so there's no great cost involved in starting again, but should I, or is it OK to use; I do want it to fire white as it did originally.


Should I always mix this in small quantities?

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I wouldn't worry so much about the color in the bucket. If you're certain it didn't get contaminated, go ahead and use it.


Thanks Neil, I think to be on the safe side I'll use this on something else in the future and make some fresh stuff up anyway, I really do want it to be white in this instance, it's such a small quantity it's not worth worrying about, and the old stuff may produce a nice surprise when I do use it.smile.gif

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