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Got into NCECA student show-need info on freight shipping and kickstarter

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I realize that I'm proposing two different topics in one post. (Hope this is Ok). I just figured it might be easier that way, or maybe I was just lazy. Anyways, these are my questions:


1. Do you have experience shipping a pallet of art work half way across the country? Can you recommend anyone? Should I consider a specialized art shipping company? Do I insure as art, sculpture, home goods? (I heard that many shippers will often not give you the insurance value since it's your stuff.)


I got in the NCECA student show and I'm super excited to be part of this. The problem, I submitted a small and large piece,they choose the big one. It's 10 ft long divided in six equal sections. Each panel (30"x20"x9") needs to be created individually and everything would be loaded and shipped on a pallet. Besides being large it is painfully delicate. We are talking 6000 paper thin porcelain pieces that can all move. Now, I have devised a way to keep each panel from moving in the box but all those little pieces move around freely and can't touch any of the walls. I spoke with a shipping company that said it could cost $300 to $400 one way depending on the insurance value. But, if I need it there by a certain day, which I do, it would cost $4,100. The guy told me that the difference in price relates to a faster delivery and fewer unloads and reloads. I'm shipping from California to Houston and back. I was thinking of driving but I think that would also cost a small fortune and take more time.


2. Has anyone ever done a kickstarter? What kind of gifts would you like to get? (I can throw, handbuild, sculpt, screen print, draw, paint, sew, paper crafts, and create silver jewelry.)


I'm seriously considering putting one together to help me fund the costs of shipping, the flight, and conference fees. If you have experience or know others who have been successful, I would love to hear any advice you could offer. I figure I would have to get it up ASAP, to ensure enough time to raise the money.




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Congratulations , Spring!

If you are a Potters Council Member you can get freight discounts with Fedex and others. I shipped two pallets of an Exhibition from south Texas to Montana in 2010 for $190. I prepared the pallets at the Fedex depot. I used my members benefits and talked to the representative who arrange the discount. You need to work with a members benefits person when you do this.



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Since this piece is so problematic and fragile and in constant motion, I think it would be worth your time to get professional advice on how to pack it. ... You will need a re-usable system because you will have to ship it home too. If you cannot afford the cost of a consult maybe you can swing a barter.

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@ bciskepottery thanks for the info. I'll check out his kickstarter and contact him.


@ Marcia, thanks. I didn't know that about the potters council. That sounds great. Do you remember how long it took to get it from texas to montana. I asked the guy I spoke with how long this averages and he was very unhelpful. To me this is the most critical thing since I have to do the Kickstarter, give it enough time, and have enough time to get the money before I send it.


@Chris Thanks, I'm super excited and I realize the visibility I will receive from such a show. I plan on making plywood boxes w/ hinged lids for easy access and reuse. I will be using those big rolls of plastic to wrap it all up. I was considering adding some packing peanuts not to make it really tight in there but just to restrict a little movement. I might have too cut them smaller.

I got the name for some professional movers from another artist but they are very far and I think it is a hard thing to describe and you kind need to see the work in person. I think I might talk to someone at the museum here.

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Guest JBaymore

I would not count on peanuts to keep anything in its place ... They move and settle a lot during shipping and always leave the most critical areas exposed!

You need things that stay exactly where they are put.





I ship pots from the US to Japan frequently. Everything is "tied down" inside the outer casing so that it simply cannot move one iota... and the outer boxes have a layer of hard rigid foam board behind the box that is either 1" or 2" thick to deal with potential puncture forces from the exterior.


And congratulations!





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