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Mark C.

Craft in America

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The PBS series Craft in America is on

I know this has been mentioned before but The current episode is called crossroads and covers 3 potters and really hit the nail on the head for me on the influence that Hamada and Leach on functional ceramics in America. I suggest if you can to catch it. Warren MacKenzie is great as well as the others explaining the history.


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I did happen to watch American Craft with the Leach potters I was hypnotized by the interviews, the whole program was quite good. One comment that Warren MacKenzie made was that it took them 3 years after they came back home to do their own work. They were so immersed in making Leach's work it was hard to break out, I felt the same way when I graduated from college. After so many years of being told what to make and which direction to go I didn't know which direction to go when I got out for a couple of years. Denice

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