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White Cone 6 clay

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I have been looking around and have many recipes of different clays that I have been mixing and using, but I have not found one white clay. I do not desire to use a porceline based type clay and would enjoy mixing my own. Is there anyone that has a white cone 6 clay recipe which they are willing to share?

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here's a general white clay body i found in my notebook. haven't tested it myself, but should get you in the ^1-6 range and it should be fairly white.


20 Ball

35 Kaolin

20 Silica

15 Neph Sye

10 Talc


with pretty much any clay recipe, the "whiteness" achieved will have a lot to do with the types of clays you put in the batch since there are varying degrees of whiteness for different ball and kaolin clays. also substituting different things may work for you if you want whiteness - try subbing EPK with something like Grolleg or Tile6.


i tested the following recipe a few years ago and it was just alright, but worked OK for a "white clay body" vs calling it porcelain.


^6 porcelain:

20 EPK

20 Grolleg

5 Ball

30 Neph Sye

5 Gerstley B

20 Flint

2% plasticizer (veegum, bentonite, macaloid, etc)



what clay bodies have you been testing?

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there is a really great white cone 6 clay from highwater called little loafers. i know you said you want to make your own and perkolator has given you recipes. when you use a ball clay to make your body try C&C ball clay. it is very white and not a dirty one like old mine #4.

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here is one my student's found and used.



Vessel 6 White Throwing Body (a student discovered this and we adopted it. I don't know the origin.)


Custer Feldspar 10 pounds


Fire Clay 60


Ball Clay 40


Silica (Flint) 10


This mixture needs to age for several days to a week before using.




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