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Logging of kiln temperature to a computer?

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Hello, have anyone tried this? 

I imagine that you could get yourself a thermocouple and log a stream of temperature readings to a computer. You would get a graph of the kiln temp over time, which is useful for a whole lot of things. I know people are already doing this using pen and paper but I imagine you can do better with a computer. 

Anyway, I found this product, have anyone here had any experience with it? 

http://www.thermomart.com/Chart C F Data K Lab Logger Meter Probe Recorder Sensor Temperature Thermocouple USB Celcius Fahrenheit Kiln Oven?keyword=USB LAB THERMOCOUPLE&category_id=0

Let me know what you think. 


Thanks / Björn 

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Whether you're doing it via a homemade controller or just using a thermocouple & logger how would you calibrate the thermocouple? You cuold compare against another thermocouple but how do you know that is calibrated? The only way I can think of is by watching  cones go down while carefully heating at one of the standard rates (60C or 150C per hour).

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