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still crazy after all these years

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some of you may remember that i have been trying to find a way to get green to stay green when working with glazes and underglazes and overglazes.   i have been advised by many experts and know that anything with chrome will NOT WORK with a glaze containing zinc.  i really understand that.   i even have dick white's list of mason stains showing content and see that nearly everything contains chrome.

now to further my education i want to ask if it is possible to use blue and yellow to get a green that will work under/with a zinc glaze.    any blue, any yellow    stain, underglaze, overglaze, ANYTHING!

recent attempt shown below.    

first photo is several years old and somehow the leaves next to the purple flowers stayed green.  i cannot remember how i did that.

second photo shows white glaze, same as on the photo above, with stroke and coat "just froggy" green overglaze.

third photo shows same bowl after firing and the green is now brown.   sigh................................................................................


florida leaf pots, bowls 014.JPG

e.bowl, fl and oil tank 003.JPG

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i have not found a really white no zinc glaze.  this is one from wettlaufer's book "getting into pots" from the 70s.

i have several no zinc recipies for clear.  wonder if i could add tin or zircopax to one of them?

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