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Question on mixing colorant batches

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1 hour ago, Pieter Mostert said:

Based on the formula you use for F4 in the Glaze Measuring spreadsheet, cell B4 should be the weight of glaze per cup.

Ah. I was thinking ml of glaze per cup would be a close enough estimate. I am not sure that I can make a calculator for the OP then as they would need to weigh their base 100ml container for each different glaze. I guess this all works with my other currie method because I am equalizing volume everything, but in this situation that isn't happening.

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It would be close enough if you were dealing with water (assuming volume is measured in mililitres and weight in grams).

If you want B4 to be the volume of the glaze, all you have to do is multiply by the sg to get the weight of the glaze. Then the formula in F4 becomesĀ (13/8)*B4*(E4-1).

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