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  1. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    Neil, You're saying to try closing the bottom peep and leave the top peep open? I don't have a vent as of yet, the kiln is in a room w window off our garage.
  2. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    Should the 2 peep holes be open or closed? The hood of the kiln also has a small vent hole.
  3. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    Thankyou, I will try manual high
  4. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    Thanks! So should I fire glazed pots or Just a bisque?
  5. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    I just turned on the kiln for a few minutes, cracked the lid and all elements were red. The max temp is 2300. Also there's an automatic dial which I used for my test fires, or manual low and manual high.
  6. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    Thank you so much for your help!
  7. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    I will check the elements for sure!! When you say a cone 6 kiln doesn't fire to cone 6....because this is so new to me....will I be firing to cone 5? And using cone 6 clay?
  8. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    It's a Duncan kiln The teacher model DA 820-2
  9. nancysmith

    Test firing electric kiln

    The cones were on the bottom shelf about 1" off the bottom base of the kiln So when the kiln is full of pieces to fire, what happens to the ones on the bottom shelf, compared to those in the middle and top??
  10. I have a small electric kiln that I've test fired. I'm very new firing kilns.... Cone 6 in the ASD Cones 5,6 and 7 for witness cones. One set on the bottom shelf in front of the peephole and the other set on the top shelf in front of the peephole. Safety timer switch turned to 20 Switch set for high fire Kiln turned on, the ASD cone 6 tripped it off, the safety timer switch had 1 hour left on the dial Kiln turned off and cooled After opening the kiln (it was an empty kiln because I was test firing) the top set of witness cones were fine, cone 5 overtired, cone 6 good, cone 7 underfired. The bottom set of witness cones only turned white and standing straight, no bend at all???? Why would this be? Something I did wrong? Nanc
  11. Hi Andrea

    I'm test firing a kiln and I need your opinion.   Cone 6 in the ASD, cones 5,6 and 7 witness cones. One set on bottom shelf by peephole and one set top shelf by peephole.  Kiln set for high fire.  The safety timer knob set for 20 hours.  The kiln is empty because I'm test firing and I'm very new at this!!!

    So the kiln finished firing and cooled.  I open to collect the witness cones.  Top shelf cones are what they should look like for cones 5,6 and 7....I'm happy with that.  I remove the next 2 shelves for the next set and the witness cones are white and standing straight up???? Why would this happen??


    1. Denice


      Is this a new or used kiln and what was your firing schedule?    Denice


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