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  1. Thanks to all for your thoughtful responses. I have some ideas as to what tools next (Do-All, Dolan 420 and 460 are next for me) , and will continue to look out and learn more about the designs which aren't intuitive for me. I'll update this if something relevant is revealed. Thanks again.
  2. This is interesting. I just found his video in YouTube: This could be a valuable design to accomplish several things (might hit the Holiday list). What I recognize is that everyone has learned to get the most out of the designs they work with. One calls that 'practice' Thanks for the ideas and sharing of your experiences.
  3. I just watched your video - nice! I have the Dolan 120 already, and always wondered about the other 100 Series shapes. Are the 'squarer' 100 Series shapes there for foot foot rings??? After watching the video, I see how you used the 460 and it worked well. Thank you for the insight. It was helpful.
  4. Trimming tools appear to be a matter of preference, and it does seem that most use the same style of tools. It's not like I want to buy 20, but it would be interesting to better understand how certain ones are used, and how they came to be. I've now watched more videos and try to get an idea of what different folks are doing. Thanks This is a great idea.
  5. As I begin to expand and improve my trimming/sculpting tool collection, I realize that I do not have any idea what many of the different designs are used for. I have a few Dolan tools which I like very much, so I went on their website to find an enormous selection of designs that look interesting, but I don't know how they are used. Is there anywhere online that can offer instruction on how to use the various tools, and the value of different designs? I checked YouTube but couldn't find much. It certainly seems like a reasonable question, and one that trimming tool manufacturers would want to make available to help sell more tools. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I will check other manufacturers sites as well. Thank you.
  6. These are really nice and not that expensive. I saw a Rubbermaid for $150-$200. Crazy
  7. Thanks to all for the support. Lots of great ideas and money saving approaches. I'll keep you updated on what ends up working best. THANK YOU!
  8. I will have to look into this one. Interesting. Thx
  9. Thanks Marcia. I need to break down what I anticipate. I also need to get a better idea as to what size container can hold between 1-5 lbs of materials. Everything I have currently are still in bags, so I need to get a feel for container size needed. Thanks for your insight. BTW: I just realized that the Selsor Faux Celedon recipe I want to make is from YOU. THANKS!
  10. Depends on how humid your environment is. My summers are very humid but my winters are very dry. I find that airtight containers are not necessary for most things. But there are some materials that will clump hard if in a humid setting. I keep my Soda Ash in a zip-lock type bag, rather than the boxes I mentioned above, for this reason. But everything else is fine in a non-airtight box. Thanks. I live in MA where we can get humid in the summer months as well (especially in Pioneer Valley). Better to be safe, I guess without being too 'over the top'.
  11. These are all great ideas! Thank you very much. I also like to highly organize and therefore like the idea of similar containers. My "studio" or rather work space is in my garage and I wondered if I need to worry about moisture and having air tight containers. I like Min's bin and the ability to not have to unstack them to get to the chemical, but would I need to keep airtight plastic bags of chemicals inside? Also, I may not need larger bins at this time as I am just beginning this process. However, I also don't want to buy several 'smaller' containers that I will need to throw away in a year. Is there a reasonable size to start with (based on the chemical)? Here is a website that I found with various container sizes (70 oz, etc): https://www.containerandpackaging.com/item/B510 Just when you thought I had no more questions... Thank you all.
  12. Hello All I have spent the past several months reviewing various Cone 6 recipes (too many books and websites) so as to enter into making my own glazes. I reduced my list to a specific few, calculated my initial needs, and just came home with several bags of chemicals. I realize how important storage is, and now find myself ignorant as to where to get reliable containers for the various oxides, fluxes, etc.. Can anyone offer any insight as to the best places to buy various chemical containers? I have found a few sites on the internet, but would prefer to use sources that are proven reliable. Thank you for any and all insight on this subject. Thank you. Tony

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