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    How long is too long for Greenware

    After I trim a pot I inscribe the date on the bottom.
  2. hantremmer

    Help with drying

    Oh, this is interesting. Hadn't considered that. I don't know if it's a good idea - or where (if) I learned it - but I spray some water into the plastic bags I use before I cover the pot. I think it helps, but I'm sure someone here will be able to put me straight if it doesn't.
  3. I'm getting along a lot better with the batmate now. I'd recommend it to anyone - though it is just a big chamois. I centred 2kg the other day without issue. I was using a brand new 11"/30cm MDF batt that was 6mm/.25" thick. The batt stayed on the wheel without any problems, despite me leaning into it. Also really nice not to have to clean the wheelhead afterwards (at least not beyond a couple of quick swipes with a sponge). Thanks Min.
  4. hantremmer

    Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    I imagine its a stool with a cylinder that allows the stool to go down when you sit on it and spring back up when you get off. I used an old height-adjustable kitchen/bar stool, until the frame broke because I was leaning forward all the time. I fixed it with some material that hardened to a steel-like strength, but eventually replaced it with a Shimpo stool where you could adjust the heigh of the legs individually. I don't throw for long periods, but even so I make sure to get up and wedge clay each time I want to throw something new. That way I have to get off the stool, at least for a few minutes.
  5. hantremmer

    Black speckles in porcelain - sand?

    Could it be something like the ‘mica’ in this Japanese video?
  6. I am new here, but since slip is clay I believe the inside would still be porous. I think you’d have to glaze the inside at the very least, even if you used slip for colour.
  7. I thought the production was better than the opera. Didn't help that there weren't any surtitles and I don't speak Sanskrit. I might give Glass a go while I'm throwing.
  8. Threw a small vase using the Batmate. I'm not able to say what I did right to get it to work, but the best thing wasn't lifting the bat off the wheel, it was the lack of clean up. No need to scrape and sponge the wheelhead, just rinse the Batmate in the sink.
  9. I went to the opera the other day. Philip Glass. It was (sort of) about Gandhi's life and explored ideas from the Bhagavad Gita. There's a quote that's stuck with me. "Hold pleasure and pain, profit and loss, victory and defeat to be the same: then brace yourself ready for the fight. So will you bring no evil on yourself." https://www.metopera.org/metupload/Satyagraha_libretto.pdf
  10. Thanks Min. I'll try experimenting with how wet the batmate is. I say 'batts' but I really use them as MDF tiles to move pots into storage. That means they haven't had wear and tear, or roughing up, as a normal batt might. Maybe that will help. I'll keep coning and throwing to see what happens.
  11. Batmate arrived. I used it with 8" square MDF bats, thin ones. I was able to cone soft clay without issue, but on two separate pots something shifted as I was knuckling up. Not sure if it was the batmate or the bats. I can tell its got potential, but I might need to learn how to use it.
  12. My tutor got in touch and told me some pots were ready to collect after being glazed and fired. I replied saying there'd be a tax if they weren't amazing (in my head I was thinking of asking for a biscuit or piece of chocolate). It was trying to be funny - and I regret it. I didn't need to joke. Of course I want them to be nice, but they don't need to be. They are what they are. My job is to understand that.
  13. Good tip. Luckiky the Batmate isn't that expensive and I added some other tools to the order. If it doesn't work or wears out, I can try the chamois.
  14. Thanks Min. LAst question - do you have any experience with the 14". Also thanks for linking directly to the Batmate and the neoprene tip. EDIT - Asking if there's any difference between them in perforamcne so I can choose the one to buy. My Shimpo has a 14" wheelhead.
  15. Thanks for the comments. My Shimpo came without bat pins and so I didn't want to drill them fresh. One slight error on the measurement and it's a problem. You're saying you just plop the Batmate right onto the wheelhead and it sticks? Do you wet the wheelhead before hand or what? EDIT Does it stay still when trimming and throwing?
  16. I found this thread while searching on Google. I was wondering if small magnet - neodymium - would act as a bat pin for a wheelhead that I don't want to drill. Apparently they can be hard to pull apart, but I wonder if it would be strong enough not to slide off while centreing. This is assuming that having magnet on a Shimpo wheelhead wouldn't affect the drive in some way.
  17. hantremmer

    Trimming Issues

    Thanks Mark. I did think the pots being a bit damp might have been an issue, but I've also wondered about the wisdom of trying to stick a pot with a very thin rim onto the wheel. I'm thinking about ways to improve process in my studio, such as it is, so I have a better handle on drying pots and trimming them before they start to dry out *too* much. I'm having work done on the studio, so everything is in flux so it's hard to seet down a system and test it.
  18. hantremmer

    Trimming Issues

    Centrening isn't he main issue I have; it's getting the pots fixed to to the wheel and having them stay where. Too often they start to slide. Using wads of clay seems to end up warping the pots or pulling bits of the rim away.
  19. hantremmer

    Trimming Issues

    Here's a potter whose work I like using a Giffin Grip - to hold a chuck.
  20. hantremmer

    Trimming Issues

    GOod I see what you're saying, Callie. I made a chuck today, but beforehand I had to trim a 7" vase using wads of clay around the base and stuck to the side vertically, like caterpillars crawling up a tree. It was a pain the arse. The vase kept shifting, the clay wasn't holding as firmly as I wanted. It's made me think more seriously about getting a Giffin. Reading about it, it seems more like its use is in being a multi-form chuck.
  21. hantremmer

    Trimming Issues

    I think bucket was the wrong word - I meant more of a coffee can or empty an empty paint tin. I wonder if the clay around the bottom of the tin and the sand would be heavy enough to keep the tin rooted while trimming, assuming one doesn't trim too quickly. The reason I thought of sand is because it would fit around the pot perfectly if it was packed in.. A sort of cross between a chuck and a giffin grip.
  22. Thanks Mark. I've got a Shimpo now, but it's useful to know this about Brents.
  23. I need to buy a new wheel. I’ve been throwing for about a year and a half. I’m also in the UK, which limits my options and jacks prices up. I need a wheel that: Has excellent control, so speed changes are precise and subtle. Can go very slowly. Will not speed up when I release my hands Has a pedal that stays in a fixed position (so I can step off it while the wheel runs) Right now I’m using a Shimpo Aspire. My wheel has speed and control problems. It judders or stops at very slow speeds. I’m throwing about 2kg/5lb of clay at a time. When centering or even pulling, the wheel can slow down. It then speeds up when I release my hands or ease up on pressure. This feels like a loss of control. I also tend to throw thin walls, so this herky-jerky isn’t a good combination. I’ll want to throw larger pieces in the future with more clay. I don’t want to have to speed up the wheel to counter its weakness. My tutor uses a Wenger Super 70 which I think is a .5 horsepower wheel. I like its power. Right now I’m looking at a Brent B. I think Hsienchuen Lin uses a Brent. Shame it’s noisy. I like the idea of a Whisper because it’s quiet and I've seen videos where it's turning *very* slowly, but I have questions about the build quality and power. It’s also 30% more than the Brent. I think Matt Horne uses a Shimpo. There some shops here selling Rodervelds and Skutt Prodigies, but I don’t know about the shops or the wheels. Any recommendations?

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