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On Friday, April 1st, Potters Council had their opening night party for our juried show "The Shoulders We Stand On" at the Nancy Markoe Gallery on the beach in St. Pete. Thursday had been a full day of tropical thunderstorms, heavy winds, rain and tornado touchdowns ... so when Friday dawned sunny and clear we were all looking forward to sunset on the beach .... a lovely chilled glass of wine under the stars after touring our beautiful show ...AND it was a gorgeous pottery show.


We should have paid more attention to the date, April 1. : > )


The first bus load of happy Members left the hotel lobby right on time. It should have been a 30 minute ride out to the beach, maybe 40 with traffic. First they hit a huge traffic jam because there had been a wreck ... OK ... just get past that and it will be fine .... but the traffic past the accident grows rather than thins out. The bus driver slowly realizes it's the first opening night game of the baseball season and Tampa loves it's baseball team! This was to be a very long ride.


Long story made short and to the point ... We have the nicest Members in the world in Potters Council. They rolled with it and were very understanding. As frustrating as the evening was THEY were the ones reassuring us that they understood. The group waiting for the second shuttle sat around and got to know each other and talked pottery. When it got cancelled we all ended up going out for an extremely fun meal.


So, THANK YOU to you all for being the sunny spot in an unravelling situation ... YOU are the BEST and we appreciate how understanding you were.


The bonus to this is that you are now a part of Potters Council history. For years people will be saying ... Remember that week in Tampa? ... And you can say that not only did you get through that day of wild weather, but you were on that bus!

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life is never perfect. besides a baseball game on the bus route, there was an accident that the bus could not get around to pick up the second group. the first group enjoyed the show the food, to pots, and Cynthia Bringle enjoyed to company! It happened. Lesson, next time let's stay closer in to the main events...planning Houston 2013. It was a good Potters Council Anniversary at both ends. Glad to see everyone in St. pete's Beach and glad to hear you all spent a good evening togethr back in Tampa. see you in Seattle.


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Guest JBaymore

The next show might be right in my hotel room!

Zero travel ... : > )


The Tampa "Shoulders we Stand On" exhibition looked wonderful.... and no one can take into account in advance stuff like that traffic mess with the car accident that happened and screwed up the second bus. Falls into the "do-do happens" category.


Chris, remember ....... if you do this...... you'll have to make the bed. cool.gif





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