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hmmmm.... yes a giant collection of lessons there on tables in the back yard.  Each one reminds me of something, each time I look at them.  I yield them up reluctantly to friends, relatives and visitors one at a time, knowing they will go on to a better life, better than I could give them, just like those pets at the pound... No shame, only a realization that destiny has decided my time with them is done, and that others may enjoy them more...

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Clay isn't quite like paper or even canvas. When I was first learning to paint and draw, I had some many " I can't look at this one second longer" pieces. Then I thought there might be a way to fix them, so I saved them awaiting the secret. Looking at them later did teach me a lot, many times , cuz I pull them out every few years. The teach me my journey, compassion, tenacity and more. I do not think they would have taught me a thing if I watched them every day. I would not have cared how much someone liked them, they were never what would do for public consumption.

Can't file clay,and all my work will be seconds for a very long time.a wonky sound bowl I can deal with( I actually have someone's wonky sound bowl, which I adore).but the ones that were never meant for anyone I will know.since they can't lay flat to save, I will make them ground fill.

I am all about beauty is in the eye ,but if it makes me cringe now when all my children seem so exceptional, it's gotta go.

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