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  1. Thanks it's a great direction to start looking... Thanks for the honesty and a point to start learning from.
  2. Bob at this point it looks like I need to aquire some skills so I don't cause a power outage on the East Coast. That will come since I like learning but can you suggest some basic electronics layman's texts to self teach m'self?
  3. Since I'm an "electronics virgin" I really don't understand theory or programing. I guess I'm sort of like a car owner that just want's the car to run and be easily driven after I hit the ignition. Are there any proven schematics and parts lists for a proofed out circuit (virgin friendly)? I can build from a plan but need one that works from the get go?
  4. Originally I was left handed but that was trained out of me by family and my school system to make it (I suppose) easier to "fit in". Though at this point in my life I am hardly ambidexterous in some untrained skills I still favor my left hand. At this point I wish I could regain all of my left hand skills. In time I feel this will happen since I see an empty glass as one that CAN be filled.
  5. I open my L&L at about 140ºF I have an E23T if that's important to your decision.
  6. Ceramics By Coil and Ceramics by Slab by Joan Priolo have some ideas that'll work for you. The books are out of print but show up on eBay fairly often. You might also want to try http://www.abe.com for them.
  7. Thanks everybody for the feedback. You've convinced me. The vent is something I'll add here.
  8. OK still considering the kiln to buy between L&L & Skutt. The next question is are KIln Vent Kits really necessary or is this just a gimmick to sell an add on? The kiln will be in an attached garage to the house if that's a consideration.
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