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Advice For Planning A Life/career In Clay

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Any/all businesses face the same risks of failure. It's a tough row to hoe, as my Grandpa woulda said.


Other than a full blown career and lotsa letters behind yer name....are there any of you here who dabble in the "business" more on the "hobby" level....retaining the fun factor and making sales here/there....not as a careeer/full-time gig...but as a way to be able to create and use yer head as well as to make a few bucks on the side? (i, e...people not dependent on the $$$ for a liviing)


I wasn't the "Art" major in the family...my brother was. He was too weird for me at the time (70's) and I gotta say...had very little talent as an "artist". Definitely NOT the right choice. It took him nowhere. Because he was so engulfed at the time and because we are so different...I steered as far away from the craziness of "Art" as I could. I wish NOW that I woulda followed my own interests into it all.....but I chose "science" instead and became a Geology major.....then the oil/gas market crashed and I moved to Colorado to ski and party and never used the degree....


NOW I wish I had the Art degree...


as far as a "business"......Art-based or otherwise..... I wanna try to get "something" going.....but I've had the retail/mom & pop storefront before...and I know full well that i DON'T want to set myself up ever again to be dependent on sales for an income to pay rent/utilities/insurance/etc. However, I would like to be able to make a few bucks here and there to toss in on the kiln and the clay and all the other fun stuff that ya need to take a peice of work from clay to glaze/etc.


Definitely enjoying hearing about the experiences of others....but yeah.....not everyone is/has been successful and not everyone has a formal education (in art or business..or both!). Except the School of Hard knocks, that is...... (I have a Masters here in MANY feilds!)


if anyone else out there is wingin' it like I am (LOL), I'd love to hear yer take on all of this


good luck, all

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If you have the opportunity to get an education, do it. I agree with others when they say to get a degree in something that would go hand in hand with a pottery career. I was only able to attend Columbus College of Art and Design for one year, due to lack of $. How I wish I could go back... But in going there, it's all art, nothing else. Most of the people who graduate had a hard time of getting a job straight out. They had to work at other jobs until something opened up, or they just had to go back to school for something "practical". I think that you could major in one area that's "approval material" and minor in ceramics. It's a lot of work but can be done. It'll give you the insight into ceramics, but still a good degree in your other field of study.

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It's great to read so many successful stories about pottery. Here's my. I now got my mfa and a full-time ceramics teaching dream job (not easy but I did it). For me, passion is my drive. If you have a passion with what you do, it will take you anyway you want to go. But, I wish I could go to different states or countries to learn more pottery when I had a change (single). I would work for very little or no money just to have a place to stay and practice pottery. You won't have time once you get your dream job. Because other challenges will come - family, establishing your work and helping students. Best,

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