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Talk Business (Don't Do Business)

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Guest Sherman

This is just a friendly reminder that this forum is for discussing all things relating to the business of ceramic art. The one thing it is not intended for is the actual conducting of business. For that, we have the very convenient, and more appropriate, classified ad page:




Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Sherman and the admin/mod team

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To elaborate on the post above, this particular part of the forum is concerned with business models, tips, tricks, business related tools, and recent or past experiences that pertain to running a pottery business. All discussions of full time, part time, hobby or professional, online or in person commercial operations is welcome. Running a pottery business presents a unique set of challenges, and since there don't appear to be any textbooks on the subject, as a community it's important to share information. We encourage people at all levels of involvement in clay to share their experiences and ask questions.  

As of this writing, we don't allow people to solicit for, buy, sell, trade or exchange any clay studio related items, wether on behalf of yourself or another party. This includes any clay or other raw or prepared materials, new or used studio equipment, bricks, kilns, wheels, or parts for any of those things. Currently we recommend people seek out resources such as The Potter's Attic on Facebook for these types of transactions.


Those wishing to advertise services of all kinds and new equipment should most definitely take advantage of  the classified link above.

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