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slow-cool firing program

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Not that I am aware of but then again super fast cooling generally not good for the wares. I am not aware of any research of benefit nor drawback. Simply aesthetics as far as I know. There could be some esoteric arguments that it can be less or more durable I guess, but in general for aesthetics or occasionally a drop and hold solution to pinholes for specific glazes with need. It’s really hard to control the cooling rate, instead most kilns drop, then hold segmentally. If their natural rate of cooling is slower than desired most kilns do not have the ability to actively speed this rate up.

most important or best I would say
Fully fired, uniformly melted would be tops on my list or fired to rated cone. To figure that out though one needs to fire above and below and try to determine that best point. Cones help and oddly enough how fast one fires in the last two hundred degrees or so becomes important to know how much heatwork was done.

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