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South Bear School July Pottery Workshop NE Iowa

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South Bear School is a collective of artists, family, and friends who are working to preserve and impart the artisanry that has been passed down through generations of craftspeople. Many of the objectives of the educational structure of South Bear School are principals that were used at the Dornburg Bauhaus and at Pond Farm Pottery. We believe that the main tools for maintaining the tradition while changing its direction are primarily demonstrations. This year, our annual pottery workshop will take place during the last two weeks in July, from the 17th through the 29th. We will primarily focus on learning 16 basic forms on the kick wheel, which were taught at Pond Farm and the Bauhaus and passed on to us through Marguerite Wildenhain. We believe that a well-rounded artist is formed through the understanding of multiple crafts; we will feature drawing sessions and various presentations by local and visiting artists. A few very talented and very dear South Bear alumni will be joining us to demonstrate their techniques and share their knowledge. Students are welcome to camp on the property or find a place to stay in town about ten minutes away; there are airbnb’s and hotels quite close by. Just before our pottery intensive, on July 14th-16th, we will be holding a 3-day program where students will learn to build a kick wheel. We are located in the enchanting Driftless region of Iowa, where rolling hills, limestone bluffs, and bubbling springs inspire our imagery and design as well as bringing tranquility into our hearts. 

If you have interest in attending, or would like to learn more, please visit Southbearschool.org and contact us through email.


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29 minutes ago, kylies.clay said:

This sounds like an amazing opportunity!! Y'all will see me there in July :D

Wonderful! Our registration will open in April, but you can send us an email (found on our website contact page) and we will write you down on our list of folks who are interested in coming.

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