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Ski wax scraper tool as straight edge for final clean-up

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Dear All,


In slight anticipation/daydreaming about the ski season, I was just out trimming some bowls and using my metal rib to compress or clean-up the final surface. It dawned on me that one well known Toronto potter uses an old tool he had from his cross country ski days--some type of metal straight edge to clean the surface of wax.


Has anyone else used this instrument. It appears to really compress the clay. I have one of his mugs.


Right now, as I said, I use metal ribs and credit cards to clean-up my pots. Just thought I would maybe think about this as my next tool selection.


Anyone used a similar tool as a rib? I think it is likely best for straight up and down forms. I do not anticipate it would be useful for rounded forms.



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