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Cone 6 clay and cone 7 & 8 glaze

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Test for sure, no reason not to. Cone 7/8 glazes interesting! Are they commercial and advertised as maturing at cone 7/8? If they are not commercial and simply formulas tested to cone 7/8 then it would be interesting to see the formulas.  If your cone 7/8 glazes fired to cone 6 have the expected surface melt then a little durability testing could give you confidence they are good at cone 6, else firing cone six with a 15-20 minute hold could provide somewhat of a solution.

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More than likely your clay body will have an easier time going to 7 or 8 rather than dropping your glaze temp. 

I'm working with a "cone 6" porcelain casting slip and it easily handles cone 8.  The cone 5-6 glazes handle it, as well, BUT they move a little bit more and matte glazes did develop a slight sheen.

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