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Mixing dry glaze w/crystals?

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(my apologies if this is the wrong category, I had not idea where to put it) 
I am now mixing a few glazes from dry 5/10lb bags.  It takes quite a bit of blending w/the mixing blade, I have a couple glazes which contain crystals.  How do I blend those? First, w/o crushing the crystals and second, they won't go thru the sieve first?  Is there a process for mixing them I am missing? 
I can't find any info on it. Maybe I simply do not know where to look.  Ideas, suggestions? 

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The way you have this worded, I’m not sure if you are mixing your glazes yourself, or if you’ve purchased commercially made dry mix. 

If the first, could you provide your recipe please? Some ingredients will agglomerate, but some of it depends on what’s in there.

If you’re buying dry mix, you are best off checking the manufacturer’s website for mixing instructions. Some brands require thorough sieving and mixing, and some only recommend blending with a jiffy mixer and leaving the lumps intact. 

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