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Hello everybody. 

I have stumbled upon this website in my search for an intership in ceramics. I am actually helping out my sister and writing on her behalf. She has been taking ceramic and pottery masterclasses for some time, does it in her free time, and has also done two internships with an acknowledged Danish artist, and is now doing her third with another Danish artist. The thing is she really wants to try it out abroad. I am trying to help, but I cant really figure out where to look. she is 18 years old and has done ceramics for some years now, and wants to pursure a career in it. She simply loves it.

Hope you can help :)

Best regards,

Lys Münster

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Hi Lys, I don’t know if you’re able to look into programs in Germany or England, but they tend to have more apprenticeship style programs to learn how to make pottery. Internship style teaching structures are very rare in North America, unless you have a personal connection to someone.

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