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Commercial glaze varieties: Colors, pazazz?

Greg H

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First, I'm a subscriber to the Glaze Recipes.  Is it possible to search by color?  It would save me a lot of time and aggravation. Can someone explain the order of the glaze recipes?  Another question is color variety.  For instance orange, a favorite color.  Are there oranges that cannot be used straight out of the jar, or using varying amounts of underglaze?  Also,  has anyone successfully added underglazes to gloss or matte clear?  Thanks!

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Just double checking we are talking about the same thing, when you say "Glaze Recipes" do you mean the Ceramics Arts Network Ceramic Recipes? If that's a yes then go to the orange tab  "FIND A RECIPE" and click that to bring up a lot of search parameters. I'ld start by using the "Choose Category" and enter your preference. Then I would enter your "Choose Firing Temp". Then go from there filling in any other fields to help narrow down what you are looking for. You can choose a search by colour but when I did that with "orange" not a lot of glazes came up, mostly flashing slips for salt / soda firing at cone 10.

Adding underglaze to a glaze is an expensive way to add colour. Adding a stain for a bright orange or rutile for more of a buttercup yellow/orange would be far less expensive.

3 hours ago, Greg H said:

Are there oranges that cannot be used straight out of the jar, or using varying amounts of underglaze?

Sorry, you lost me here. Underglazes typically come quite thick and need to be watered down then applied to either greenware or bisque followed by glaze over top. 

Let us know if you need more help with Ceramic Recipes and I'll forward your question to admin.

Welcome to the forum.

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