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Most plastic clay for basket weaving?

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Been trying to get into basket weaving and posted a question in the studio operations forum but maybe here is better. I want to find a clay that can take the bending of basket making. I have seen people use Gum Arabic but I don't know the mix amounts or process. Is there any clay body someone can recommend or how to mix a gum in to help ?

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A fellow student at school has used commercial several cone 10 clay bodies to make woven items.  The strand is extruded in a Brent extruder and captured on a large wooden tray. She routinely uses any of the Balcones clay bodies from  Armadillo Clay in Austin, TX; others have used Coleman and/or Nara porcelains.  She cuts them into lengths as she needs them.  Keeps most strands covered with sheet plastic until the a strand is needed.  The clay is extruded straight from the bag.  
Timing and moisture control are the two most important variables other than compression of the intersections of the woven strands.  The most successful and less stressful technique seems to be lay out the strands at the correct length, and develop a rhythm of over and under movement of each strand.  


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