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Do you felt the bottom of your sculptures for better presentation?

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I have sculpted a few figures and animals and fired them and will be doing cold patina. These are not going to fixed to a base and are hollow. My question is - how can I make a better presentation? If a customer picks it up and turns it over it's pretty ugly to see the open cavity with fork marks and such.

Do I fill them the cavity with expanding foam, sand and then glue felt to the bottom?  What do you recommend to make the ceramic sculpture look more polished and gallery-ready and professional?

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Why not complete the bottom before you fire it, by sealing it with a smooth thin slab of clay, cut to fit ? On the ones already fired, almost anything risks looking added on....tho maybe a thin wooden bottom piece, cut to fit the form (not like a big raised base that extends beyond the form) and carefully epoxied on would look best. 

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