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Hello everyone,

This is my first forum post ever so please understand if there are errors, but my husband suggested I get out into the ceramic community. I have been taking pottery at a local studio for almost 10 years and now my family will be moving to Ramstein, Germany. Does anyone know of any studio classes in that area or good resources I can research to find something?  I also have a wheel and a kiln that never got hooked up. If anyone has experience, does it make sense to ship them over or will the voltage be too off? Thank you for your time and suggestions in advance! 

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Assuming your husband is military and they'd be shipping your kiln and wheel at no cost, why not.  You'll need an electrician to change the plug on the kiln, and an inverter for the wheel, but that would be loads cheaper than buying them new in Europe.  

If you would need to pay to ship them, might as well sell them here and buy new ones there

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Thank you. I hadn't thought about changing out the plug for the kiln. It's a small one but I wasn't sure if I would be able to plug it in without running wiring, which wouldn't happen since we will be renting. I'm hoping to find a studio to at least fire my work. I don't sell right now but like to start in another couple of years. I'm still working out the business plan and working full time. Thank you for the suggestions! 

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