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Free tools for capturing and showing work

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Ceramic work is a three dimensional art form.  And, I love viewing this art form in 3D viewers.  

The primary 3D viewing platform these days is Skeptchfab.  It's capable of showing a 3D design or captured object from all sides and at any angle.  The good news is that it is free.  And, you decide whether or not the general public can see it without a direct link you provide.  Moreover, you can block downloads.

Capturing real-world 3D objects is getting easier and better all the time.  While we have 5 different dedicated 3D scanners, at YouthQuest Foundation, we've come to  rely on photogrammetry more than scanning to capture objects and turn them into virtual objects that can be uploaded and viewed in Sketchfab.  Photogrammetry relies on video or a series of images to construct a 3D file.

Our favorite is 3DZephyr.  While there is a free version that works quite well, we use the next level which allows for more images and smoother captures.   Samples of 3DZephyr captures can be found HERE.

Qlone is an app available for the iPhone and iPad that was used by the students of iTech Vancouver Middle School to create a virtual museum containing over 100 historic objects from Fort Vancouver.   iTech Virtual Museum

Color and shadows are important to the capture process as changes in these dimensions provide the reference points for stitching together the individual images to build the 3d model.

The Sketchfab Viewer can be embedded in your personal web pages.

I'd be happy to help anyone that might like to explore these tools.  I can tell you this.  There is a small learning curve; but, a HUGE feeling of satisfaction seeing your work in 3D.

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Thanks.  I fully agree.  One you done or two, the process becomes quite simple to manage.  I like the ability to zoom in and out on specific features.

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