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Grace london

Must stoneware be fired high?

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Hello all, 

I am working on a bunch of ceramic heads, using a stoneware/paper clay I made.

I generally bisque to 1170 then use a low matt 1070 to glaze ( generally using earthenware paper clay).

So I'm wondering will they be much weaker than the recommended 1280?  It's a commission so I don't have the time to test. I feel like I could get away with it, and they also won't shrink as much.

Any thoughts gratefully received : )






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Hi Grace.. Welcome to the Forums.

Low viscosity glass begins to form at 1117C: so you are shooting just over that. It would help if you could do a soak/hold for 20-30 minutes at peak temperature.  For non-functional use you can probably get by with it, for functional use- no!


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