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  1. Not so dry, but verging. Yes, I am kicking myself. Why take short cuts!? I think I'll try the super glue first. And then look for a sealant....any one know of a some magic stuff? And I will just need to make a better one next time. It's so punishing ceramics. You spend all that time, and just when it's about finished, it kicks your butt....
  2. Hi all. I know what my problem is. I sprayed a low fire slip onto a raku clay. Bisqued. And then applied my glazes. After a second firing, it has lifted off in some small sections. Can't up load a video so here's a screenshot. What I need is help on decided how to save it. I thought some of you might know. I was thinking of injecting with a syringe superglue. But what I really want is some product, like a glass varnish that will hold it on and not be too tacky and durable.... I'm afraid if I fire it again, the whole thing will shimmer off....or whatever the tech term
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