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  1. Not so dry, but verging. Yes, I am kicking myself. Why take short cuts!? I think I'll try the super glue first. And then look for a sealant....any one know of a some magic stuff? And I will just need to make a better one next time. It's so punishing ceramics. You spend all that time, and just when it's about finished, it kicks your butt....
  2. Hi all. I know what my problem is. I sprayed a low fire slip onto a raku clay. Bisqued. And then applied my glazes. After a second firing, it has lifted off in some small sections. Can't up load a video so here's a screenshot. What I need is help on decided how to save it. I thought some of you might know. I was thinking of injecting with a syringe superglue. But what I really want is some product, like a glass varnish that will hold it on and not be too tacky and durable.... I'm afraid if I fire it again, the whole thing will shimmer off....or whatever the tech term
  3. Thanks for this info Bill. I am going to try this as soon as I can. Very interesting to see how unstable my glaze is, appreciate you keeping the materials similar and firing temp. I'm using all kinds of clay, and they all have been OK with my glaze. Will keep you posted, And I will be watching all your videos, very clear and helpful!! Kind regards, and keep up the good work! G
  4. This is looking very promising Bill. The white/zirco has a similar matt but I add 10% zirconium ox. in and it's very white. For green I also add 10% titanium ox. and 4% copper ox. The test will be to see how well they sit together, layering etc.. Much to explore with this. I'll wait for further results. I'm over the moon you have taken such care and consideration into this. Thank you, G
  5. And there I was complaining about 2c in London. Keep warm! Love the updates : )
  6. This looks very promising Bill. I enjoyed the video too, again you have such a fantastic studio. I'm interested to see you recipe once completed. I should note, I apply 3 layers to get a good thick coating. Thanks for this, Best, G
  7. Amazing that you're doing this. Can't thank you enough for helping me out. I couldn't find CMC in London- Is AMACO Gum Solution the same thing? What a beautiful studio! I will send you a photo of my dungeon tomorrow : )
  8. Incredibly generous, the thought and attention you have put into this. I have a very limited glaze lab, but I could order some Spodumene and Talc in the next week or two. If you think it will work? I'm not making major amounts here, in fact a 500mls of each only. Keen to experiment. Actually microwaved a jar of my glaze today and saw those crystals melt immediately then added a little bentonite and it made it more brush-able all right...
  9. It is used for sculpture 04. It is a nice matt that just works for me. I am of course willing to improve it. A lot here to take in so I will make notes and report back. Will experiment with the Bentonite. I also add these for variations: Zircopax 10 Tin 10 Titanium 10 Black Velvet stain 15 Copper ox 5 Cobalt ox 5 You can see here in this head below, I layer the glazes, and use wax to inlay .It's an effect I like. Thank you all for your expertise , G
  10. This recipe is from a ceramic technician at a large uni in Canada...It is also listed here on glazy https://glazy.org/recipes/1966
  11. Thanks Babs, Could you just explain why I should please? because I have a bunch of recipes that work well off this base recipe. Cheers G
  12. Ah OK, so there is no way around this issue then...
  13. This is an old test tile, but you can see the matt surface and they all flow and blush together...
  14. I use it for sculpture Min, though I've been told it was safe. It's a beautiful low matt satin that I have found perfect for my decoration, quite reluctant to change as it works so nicely for me. Nothing missing. Perhaps if I make it thicker it might not form cystals?? Thanks
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