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Looking For An Open Studio In Beijing

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Good morning everybody, 


I am new to this forum, so I hope I am not asking a question that's already been asked hundreds of times... Also I hope I am in the right section... Sorry in advance if both those hopes fail. 


I will be in Beijing, China, from September to December or January, and I am looking for an open studio, where I could rent a space, a wheel and a shared kiln, to keep my ceramics activity while I am away from my own studio at home (I am following my partner, who's going to be working there all day long). 

Does anybody have ideas or suggestions? 


Ideally, it would be a place I could go to every day and stay for as long as possible... I have found such places in most of our trips around the world, and have all my fingers crossed to be able to find it also in Beijing. 

With classes or teachers would be a perfect bonus, but if I could at least keep practicing, that'd be already fantastic! 


Thanks a lot in advance for your help! 

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you might also google potters in Beijing or try Chinese potters on Facebook. You could also contact Caroline who runs the Chinese workshops in Jindeshen (spelling is wrong) She is very nice and would possibly be of some help.


Here is one location where you might establish a contact for information



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