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  1. Thank you Mark! Those look like they could be fun to make. I plan to start out by trying out one for myself as a test project and see how it goes from there. I also need to make a present for a quilting friend - (she already has enough mugs!) - so this would be perfect!
  2. If they are not helpful perhaps you can try adding a little bit of clay to the batt pins to fill in the extra space before attaching the batt. I have several hydrobats and have found some of them fit better on the bat pins than others. The extra dab of clay on the pins usually solves the problem for me. Good luck.
  3. Another problem with using a propane torch to fire something is uneven heating. The spots where the torch hits can get very hot, but other parts of the piece are considerably cooler. The thermo-shock between the hot and cool spots are very likely to lead to cracking as the clay goes through major changes when the chemically bound water in the clay body is released and when the quartz in the ware changes composition when heated. If you are using the torch to heat a chamber with the ware inside (like a small kiln) so that the atmosphere and bricks are heated as well, that is an entirely different situation and may work. As always, your situation may vary. Test, test, test.
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  5. Thanks for the update about your surgery and rehab afterwards. It's great that you're doing so well. Congratulations on the good grade from the doctor! Even though I mostly lurk on these forums, I always enjoy reading your posts, so I hope we will continue to hear from you. Susan
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