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  1. A woman is selling this kiln for $750 I was wondering if that would be something worth buying or if that price a bit too high? 




    1. davidh4976


      If you want to fire to cone 6, you may find that this kiln has trouble getting to cone 6, and you would be better getting a kiln rated for 8 or higher.

    2. Denice


      This kiln won't work for 5/6 glazes,  when you do find a kiln to buy find out how many firings are on the elements.   When I buy a used kiln I always figure the least amount of work that will need to be done to it is having it rewired.   The last time I bought wires for a Skutt kiln that size it was $300.   My husband changed them out for me so I didn t have to pay for installation.  I sold my Cone 10 1027 Skutt kiln two years ago with fresh wires for 600 dollars.    Denice

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