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  1. Maybe I should just be brave and inscribe these from the get-go. Still pondering...
  2. Oops, just saw this. I did get the Bailey. I set it up with its extension legs and am throwing standing up. I LOVE this wheel!
  3. I am making some pieces for wedding gifts and a milestone-birthday gift. I feel like I don't dare personalize any of these before they are finished, for fear that I will end up with a bowl/platter/whatever that I don't deem right for the gift but that is now personalized, so no one else would want it. My work is porcelain, fired to ^6, electric kiln. What might be the best way to personalize these pieces after they are glazed and fired? Some kind of overglaze with a third firing? Ideally I'd do this in the greenware stage, but I'm just afraid of doing that this time. Suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Too late--I went with Bailey. But thanks for your input. New wheel was delivered today; I can't wait to get home and open the box!
  5. Thanks, everyone. It occurs to me that I have been so uncertain because it's such a high-ticket item, and yet I don't worry nearly so much when I have to choose appliances like a new refrigerator or dryer (both happened in the past two years). I guess I assume that those appliances are necessary, while a new wheel is not, since my old one works fine. Seems like I should maybe adjust my priorities. :-) I know I want the new wheel to have adjustable leg extensions. Since I don't know yet if I'm going to want to throw standing up, sitting, or somewhere in between, I want to be able to expe
  6. I learned on a Brent, initially, and then bought my first wheel at NCECA: a Shimp VL-lite. I've loved it, overall, but I'm tired of the leaking splash pan. I don't have the option to try things out in advance--not and get something soon, and I've been given the gift of the money now. I can't figure out what the references to flakeboard can be. The shelf--obviously, but no surprise there. But in the wheel itself? That makes no sense. At the moment, I'm leaning toward Bailey, because of the general good reviews and the price. I will call them and discuss it.
  7. I already read through that post, but I'm not seeing where it explains any real problem with flakeboard. The Baileys get such good reviews, and they're definitely cheaper... I do like the removable wheel head on the Skutt, though. So, Neil, you seem to prefer the Skutt, too. Any thoughts about the Baileys?
  8. I am trying to decide which new wheel to buy. I am looking at the Bailey PRO-50R, the Bailey PRO X, the Skutt Steven Hill Signature, and the Skutt Elite. I definitely want the leg extensions, regardless (the Skutt Steven Hill comes with them). I like the built-in one-piece splash pan. The Bailey splash pan has a drain hole and an opening to sweep out trimmings. The Skutt has an easily removable wheel head. I'm not sure how to decide, so I'm looking for input. Anyone have experience with any or all of these? Thanks!
  9. I've just been wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I still have 100 lbs left, and I'm working extra hard on the attachments. Before I order more clay, though, I'll talk to Sheffield about it. Thanks.
  10. I've been using Elaine's Cone 6 porcelain from Sheffield for a few years now, and I love it. I love the feel of it on my hands, I love the way it takes glazes, and overall I've been really happy with it. But over the past, say, 9 months, I've been having new problems with attachments: handles and other attachments are cracking even when I dry super-slow. Does anyone else have experience with this? Any suggestions? I don't want to switch clays, but I'm getting frustrated. Thanks!
  11. I have a brand-new L&L EasyFire kiln, and my test firing results were overfired by a full cone. When I went to adjust the thermocouple offset, I found that it was already set for 18 degrees. So if I want to add, say, 15 degrees, do I reset it to 33 degrees instead of 18?
  12. When using a "hump" of throwing clay as a trimming chuck, how do you keep the clay from sticking to the piece you're trimming?
  13. That's a good idea. I could keep the wheel plugged directly into the wall (I'd prefer not to have to use an extension cord for it), and then plug everything else in farther away. Why didn't I think of that? ;-)
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