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  1. Hello Everyone, I just joined and don't have a clue if I'm doing this right! LOL  I've been chasing the idea of mixing different forms of art and funneling them into clay one way or another.  I fell into this forum looking for answers and love how kind everyone is with "all souls that enter." I'm very glad to be here.  

    1. Onfire


      I am working with paper clay and have made a few 20x18 sculptural plates.  I realized I would need to fashion a way to hang them. Plates are bone dry and I want to attach handles I made so plate can be hung on a sturdy nails. Handles are also bone dry. I made a slurry of just paper clay and water is it safer to attach the handle before firing or after. When is this clay at it's strongest? I would appreciate any help here before leaping on my own.

      Thank you


    2. LeeU


      Welcome to the Forums. If you post your query in one of the topical forums you will surely receive replies. You could also use Search for topics relevant to your interests. If you add it as a new topic, pick a name to function  like a keyword to facilitate search in the future (like "Handles", rather than "I need help".)

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