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    I’m a retired world photojournalist for about 20 years with a BFA. I love art. My aunt JOAN Was an interior designer and help pay send me to art school. I love architecture, Music, cars, history and of course British Bull Terriers. My biggest love is cycling, like the Tour de France.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m try to find out anything about a French potter.
  2. I’m trying to get any information about a potter who worked mostly out of the Dieulefit area if France from about the 70’s to now. I have a small collection of his work. Please, please if anyone knows any thing. Please pass it on. msamojeden@mac.com Thanks from my heart. Michael
  3. I’ve be collecting this person’s work for 30 years and I just love his work. I just won’t to find out about the person and is there a any more of this persons work for sale?
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