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  1. Power cord is cool. Going to flip the breaker off and check the temp of the actual plug in another 10-15 min to make sure it’s not over hot. This only has high, medium, and low settings, nothing more specific to temps/degrees. Any idea if certain elements are off during low or even medium and then turned on when switched to high? The lowest and the third elements remained off until I turned the knobs up. I don’t know if this was by design or because they were slower to come back to work.
  2. I just rewired the plug and the kiln is on. There was a faint electrical smell coming from the kiln, not the plug but it faded quickly. I’m assuming it’s because it probably hasn’t been turned on in 20 years, but please let me know if this is not normal for an old, out of use kiln that’s getting a second life.
  3. Neil, thank you for the heads up on Euclids. I'll check them out. There's actually 8 gauge wire in the ceiling, but when the electrician saw the kiln sitter (like you said) he wanted to come back and rewire with 6 gauge. It sounds like the 8 will be fine for this kiln, thankfully. To be honest, I'm going to have to read your and Dick's posts through several times before I feel like I really "get it." Part of it is that electrical is so over my head, and part is brain burnout from freaking out all day because I thought $1500 went down the tube. Thank you both for your replies. You brought some hope to a super stressed out lady.
  4. I realized the breaker photo was cut off after the fact, apologies for the confusion on that. yes, you're right, it's a 30 and a 30 NOT a 60 and a 60. Whew! Good news! I agree...should have left the power cord. I was all worked up at that point and had access to wire cutters, and here we are.
  5. Hello! Just came across this forum while researching the dilemma that is my kiln, and have had so many of my questions answered! I apologize in advance for not knowing proper electrical terminology- I’ll try my best with the names! I bought a used kiln, and it’s been one mystery after another. It’s a Blue Diamond (appears to be out of business) 24 amp. I gave info to the electrician to have it wired. They installed an 8 gauge wire to a 60 amp breaker (I think -will add photo) and a plug that I believe is called a 30 - I forgot the name. Attaching photo for that, too. The electrician left and I went down excitedly to plug in my new kiln and no cigar. Plug didn’t fit. Electrician came back and then saw the kiln sitter and said the whole thing needs to be redone and paid for a second time. Six gauge wire, new outlet to accommodate the “50” plug that was on my kiln. No…He didn’t look at the plug for which he was installing an outlet. I called a contact who works at a kiln company and she said NOPE, go by 24 amps, leave the 30 amp outlet (if that’s what it’s called) in the wall and cut off the 50 amp plug on my kiln and replace with a 30 amp plug from Home Depot…no big deal. No $600 (plus the original electrician bill of $500), and my kiln will run. I hadn’t discovered the 60 amp breaker at the time I spoke to her, so didn’t get advice on that. Do I need to replace the wire that goes into the kiln? Home Depot only had the actual plug, no plug attached to a wire. The wire i have was for a 50 amp plug, and I don’t know if I’m messing things up by using it with a 30 amp plug at the end of it. Final question, I also read that the 60 amp breaker the electrician wired the kiln into is probably excessive. Perhaps he did that because what I had available/unused in my breaker box (less than 2 years old and 100% sure there’s nothing wired in without labels) were two 20s and a 15. Please help. I feel like giving up at this point. adding photos in separate post.
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