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  1. Yeah I like the idea of using the double sided adhesives to hold them in place, especially since the tiles are pretty light. I’ve thought about using a shadow box too, think I just need to start experimenting
  2. I have some decorative tiles I would like to frame and hang on my walls but am trying to find the best way to frame them. Has anyone done something similar before? I'm thinking of using thin a thin acrylic square glued to the back of the tile which will then be glued to the matboard held in the frame. My biggest unknown is currently how to secure the backing so it doesn't fall out. Any tips??
  3. Yeah I was thinking about doing an inked stamp with underglaze which might not be too bad
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to stamp my makers mark on the bottom of some slip cast pieces. The issue is that the bottoms are quite thin and I can't provide support on the inside so the clay threatens to push in and break when I try to stamp anything into it. I could try to put the mark in the plaster mold, but I'd like to be able to stamp the clay in case I change logo designs or something. Any advice?
  5. I have a good homemade sink trap for my clay I throw on my wheel, but since casting slip is deflocculated, it obviously won't settle out. How do others clean their equipment they use to slip cast like measuring cups, etc??
  6. Appreciate all the suggestions. Good to know that epoxy with ceramic/wood add-ons work well. Seems to be a good and simple solution!
  7. I’m making some decorative ceramic tiles that are about 16”x16” and 1/2” thick, and was wondering how people have hung similar types of work in the past into walls. One option I’m thinking of is attaching (glue?) border pieces of acrylic to the back outside and then drilling holes through that and attaching wire. Another option is to attach wire straight to the ceramic back using ceramic add on tab loop things, or put holes on the outside border of the back and attach wire through that. I am worried that there isn’t enough thickness to my pieces to support them though if I go this route. I could also skip wire entirely and just put in a recess where a hook can be hung onto the piece, but again worried about the structural integrity of the piece with how thin it is. Any other thoughts/options?
  8. Trying to figure out what the best silicone will be for casting master molds for slip casting. I'm looking at purchasing some product from smooth-on since it looks like they have a good product list, but there are a lot of options and I'm wondering what others have used in the past. I'm looking at either Mold Max 30/40 which is a tin cure silicone and recommends vacuum degassing, or a Mold Star 30 which is a platinum cure silicone but more expensive. The Mold Max series recommends vacuum degassing, but does anyone know if its really necessary? I'm also curious about the best durometer to use. I've seen people use 40 durometer stuff for master molds, but is 30 acceptable?
  9. I'm trying to slip cast a tile like (14"x14") piece of art that will hang on the wall and having trouble deciding what type of clay body to use. My minimal past experience with clay has been all functional, midfire thrown stoneware, so I'm not very used to choosing clay for non functional work. What criteria do I look for when choosing a clay body for this type of work? All my glazes I currently own are midfire glazes, which is making me want to stick to midfire casting slip, but if I'm losing out on some qualities by doing so, I would make the switch to something else and buy new glaze, etc.
  10. I'm new to the whole slip casting technique and trying to learn. I'm trying to source slip for slip casting and see a lot of places offer dry slip casting bodies, but what separates those bodies from normal dry clay you can buy? I understand you add chemicals, including a deflocculant, to the dry slip, but beyond that what's the difference and why couldn't you just do that to a normal dry clay body? Are there certain properties of the casting body that make it better suited to casting?
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