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  1. Thanks for the second round of helpful advice. Multimeter just arrived today, so I will check resistance. And super helpful to understand the importance of supporting the elements and options for doing it right. I didn't anticipate that one big advantage of a used kiln is my willingness to experiment with it rather than being afraid of messing up a new, more expensive one! That said, chipping away the broken ceramic holder was intimidating. Instead, I tried hooking two pins to the elements (see left side of photo) and realized my skill level is too low. So I then just stuck in the U-shaped pins in front of the element, like guardrails (see right side of photo) Will those guardrails suffice until I do a better repair when the elements need to be replaced?
  2. @Bill Kielb @oldlady @neilestrick Your speedy responses were extremely helpful and nudged me forward to take the plunge- thank you! I bought the kiln and the supplies to make it operational (sitter cone supports, cones, posts). The 240v circuit was installed last week and a preliminary test confirmed that all elements heat up and the kiln sitter timer works. Before investing in a digital controller or new elements, I want to try a bisque fire (and more, if successful). Before I do, should I do something to fix a section (see photo) where the element holder broke off? Or, on the other hand, are the elements so likely to need replacing that I shouldn't worry about damaging them, and just use the kiln? The elements are basically all the same condition as what's pictured (shape is intact, but greyed). I didn't see an obvious way to pin the elements in place without removing more of the broken ceramic holder. Sorry for the basic question and thanks for any advice!
  3. I'm struck that prices for used kilns in California on Facebook, Craigslist, etc., are easily double what others are quoting on this forum! I am having a hard time justifying buying a new kiln as I dip my toe back into ceramics after a 20 year hiatus. I was intrigued by this Econo Kiln J18 kiln. I'm OK with the small size (18x18). Per its serial number, it's from 1985 and is available with three full shelves and posts for $375 (non-negotiable). Again, this seems way higher than what I see in other areas of the country. Seller does not have 240v outlet and will not vouch that it works. I'm thinking I'd add a digital controller and would be prepared to replace elements. Is it worth a 90-minute drive to check it out? Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
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