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  1. I’ve recently discovered missing paint on the bottom of my mixer (see photo) so I can only assume that it is in my clay reclaim and potentially in my glaze. What do I do? Will it burn out of the clay? I mostly care about the glaze because I paid someone to make it for me and it was expensive. Should I put it through a sieve just in case? Is it totally ruined?
  2. So I’ve been finding some low fire (05/06) glazes for really cheap lately. They all say that they can be fired up to cone 5/6 but that the color will be slightly different. But they only guarantee food safety at the low fire temperature. By firing to a higher temperature am I compromising food safety? Is that something I should be worried about? Or is it just something they say for legal matters?
  3. Thank you! I don’t fire in there nor do I mix my own glazes. Every studio I have been in has had canvas wedging tables and they are SO dusty. Right now I just wedge in a painting canvas, like on the ground in a frame. I’ve looked on the forum at the conversations about other wedging surfaces but haven’t really picked one. Is there one that is best for managing dust? And should I open the window while I’m in there?
  4. My “studio” is just a spare bedroom in my apartment and after reading some more forums I am worried that my contaminated air is spread through the apartment by the heat/AC system. Does that happen? I am really good at keeping dust from leaving the room, I wear socks and coveralls in there that I take off when I walk out. But I don’t know how to control it when it’s leaving through the air. Anyways, please give me reassurance or advice, this is making me wonder if I need to give up on my pottery plan because this is going to be a constant stressor. I think I need to get off the internet for tonight
  5. Hi friends! I wanted to come here after a scary google search that said “no cure” and “warning” all over the place. I just got finished trimming some pieces that were on the dry side of leather hard and my throat felt scratchy, so I knew I’d breathed in some clay dust. I haven’t taken my anxiety meds in a couple weeks so this has triggered a full freak out about silicosis. I have been doing pottery in school for YEARS (I’m 23 so about 7 years of actively working in a studio) and it was never talked about much because they said the dust was bad, but wouldn’t hurt us with such little exposure. (They didn’t expect us to continue after that class. I thought by little exposure they meant the amount of dust, not the little time we were exposed to it) With that statement I thought that only large amounts of silica at a time could hurt your lungs, not that every small bit builds up scar tissue until you have silicosis. So is it just inevitable? I’m starting to freak out that I may have chosen a job that will kill me. I’ve read everything on the forum that talks about it and it’s made me feel a little better, but how do you not freak out that every day it is building up inside of you? Even if I’m not at risk now, isn’t every bit I’m breathing in going to hurt me in 60 years? Even if it’s just a tiny amount? I’m going to the store tomorrow to buy a respirator mask and am buying a HEPA air filter tonight.
  6. I’ve had a lot of luck with amaco potters choice but brushing is just so time consuming! My favorite is ancient copper. The tan glaze here is “sandy” dip glaze from Clay Art Center Tacoma. I really like it a lot. I like that it has some variation with just the one color. For layering I still do potters choice, but the ancient copper and sandy are definitely my favorite single glaze. The bowl was really fun, I swirled potters choice olive green speckle, blue midnight, and light sepia. I did a couple others with some other combinations and really liked all of them.
  7. So, after 10 years of using other people's wheels, I am finally going to get my own. I am only 23 but throwing already hurts my back when I am on it too long so I want to get one that I can eventually use standing up. My question is: when you raise your wheel to the right height for standing, isn't the electrical cord on the pedal too short to reach the floor? (I do want to use my foot to control it rather than having it next to the wheel head.) How have you guys dealt with this? Is it even possible to have it reach the floor? Should I just buy a wheel with a really long pedal cord? If so, any suggestions for models that have that?
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