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  1. I choose black locust because it is a strong, dense wood and very durable in regard to moisture decay resistance. It is heavier than most oaks and rivals hickory in strength. I cut the tree and air dried the rough sawn boards for several years. Black locust tends to dull blades faster than other hardwoods such as maple or oak but I believe the results are worth the extra effort.
  2. The treadle wheels are bidirectional depending on their initial motion. For example I am left handed and throw counter-clokwise but choose to trim clockwise. If you perfer to kick with the other leg the treadle wheel would need to be assembled with the treadle bar on the opposite side but could still rotate counter-clockwise and clockwise.
  3. I am not making wheels to sale but here is a link to a short video of a kick treadle wheel I just finished making from a black locust tree and some hardware. Tree to Treadle
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