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Found 12 results

  1. Hi folks, it's been awhile. I've still been throwing pots and being a potter. Recently I made a leach style treadle wheel and I love it. It was made with less expensive materials, pine instead of hardwood, and a couple other decisions I made that kept cost down. I'm thinking I might be able to make a Leach style Treadle Wheel for about $1000, unfinished. Maybe $1200 painted. Do the wise sages of this ceramics board have any idea if there would be any sort of market for this? Here's my thought. I've always wanted one of these wheels, and my buddy came across some abandoned homemade versions that were all piecemeal and rusted. But I salvaged them and learned how to build the wheel, and it works really well. I finally have my dream wheel, and I didn't have to spend $2500 on it. Maybe there would be more treadlers if the wheel was more affordable? I'd love advice if you are in a helpful and loving spirit. Thanks all!
  2. Hello! I am currently looking for someone who is interested in sharing the rent of a private studio space in Berkeley, CA. It is an 8'x20' space with everything you need to create and finish your work (size permitting). I have a 2-collar manual Skutt kiln and Shimpo wheel. There is a lot of shelf space, and it has table space for hand-builders. I mostly throw, so ideally you are a hand-builder so we don't have overlap when trying to use the wheel. I have a collection of raw materials for making glazes in the studio as well. I would be open to sharing these materials/glazes with you. The cost of the rent is $200 per month. With this, you would have 24/7 access, storage space for WIP, and access to a kiln. I have a large collection of tools but would prefer you bring/use your own. I have been using this space for over a year now on my own. However, I am looking to offset some of the costs of rent for the right person. Please email me at joseph.powden@gmail.com to discuss details or if you have any additional questions. Cheers!
  3. I am looking for a good, compact and light wheel for demo purposes. I know about the Speedball Artista and Shimpo Aspire. Does anyone know of any other alternatives? I like the idea of a treddle wheel, but they are really pricy and I am not sure they are very portable.
  4. Hi, I've bought a second hand cromartie Millacron wheel which doesn't have huge amounts of torque a few weeks ago the wheel wouldn't spin. I put it on 2 bread boards and raised it an inch and it then worked. Now it's doing it even though raised. I've worked out after many hours of fiddling that it's the pedal needing to go down too low in order to engage the cone as it works while on its side. Please could anyone help- what do I need to do so the pedal doesn't need to be pushed so low? I'll be on stilts at this rate! Many thanks. I've a picture but can't work out how to post it.
  5. Hello, I am looking at a used Brent ie wheel (1/4hp, centering capacity 75lb) that is a low price. <$200. I inspected the wheel with my limited knowledge. Wheel powers on and spins fine without noise at correct speeds that vary with pedal position. Great! However, I am able to stop the wheel with some effort using my hands when it is spinning at low-medium speed. Does this matter? Should I be able to totally stop the wheel from spinning with my hands? Can you diagnose this issue, suggest a likely fix? I have googled as much as I can. It seems the issue could be anything from simply reseating/replacing the belt to replacing the motor ($270). I would love your input about whether I should by this wheel, and whether the issue is diagnosable/fixable. Esp from wheel mechanics experts! Please consider that in Dec 2020 Brent ie, B, C, CXC retail for 1400, 1350, 1450, 1550 respectively, and used wheels are scarce/pricey. In my city I have seen three brent Cs of questionable condition go for 700, 800, and 1100 on facebook marketplace/craigslist. --I don't wanna hear how you got your Brent C in 2006 for a nickel and a handshake, haha... Thank you in advance for availing me of your generous expertise!
  6. As a disabled veteran with many back issues, I am always aware of my body posture as it pertains to reducing the amount of pain I experience. I have started teaching introductory classes in the potter's wheel this year, and I tell my students to keep the back strait (bending at the hips); keep your feet flat on the ground, and your legs at 90 degrees at both the knees and hip. I have been looking for a diagram of the proper posture, but have been unable to find anything relating to this subject. So I am wondering if I am teaching this very vital aspect of working on the potter's wheel correctly, or is there other information that is better suited to what we do?
  7. Hello! I am fairly new to throwing and have just bought my own wheel, a Rhode HMT 500. First few weeks of throwing everything was greet, but now whenever I throw directly on the wheel head I am getting this black substance that feels gritty. It’s actually really abrasive and hurts my hands after a while. I thought it may be residue from some more heavily grogged clay I was throwing, but I have cleaned and cleaned the wheel head. On a totally clean wheel, if I wet my finger and let it run over the wheel head I can see and feel this black gritty substance build up. Does anyone know what it might be or how I can get rid of it?
  8. I have an Axner electric wheel. It's 15 years old, but I've only really used it in the last 2 months. It began making a whirring noise today. Followed troubleshooting guide that came with model and discerned that when wheel is on and in neutral, if I turn it by hand there is no noise. Troubleshooting guide suggests greasing bearings but provides no guidance on how to do this. Can anyone point me to a video or instructions?
  9. Looking to buy my first wheel for home (will be in my garage). I throw porcelain including larger platters/plates so I need a two part splash pan. I’m deciding between a Brent C or CXC or a Bailey ST-X or XL. I have used a Brent but not the Bailey. Considering the Bailey given the larger splash pan, trim guard attachment and the fact that it is a bit cheaper. But don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish.... would love some feedback from those with experience on these wheels. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I have recently purchased a Podmore wheel to find that the whole electrics system needs repairing! not ideal Everything else in the wheel seems in good condition and would be a shame to write the wheel off! My uncle fixes motorbikes and deals with electrics so had a look at it and got it working but then it stopped again. we figure that someone previously has done some soldering work on it and basically it needs a replacement electric system. I rang Potterycrafts who took over Podmore in 1982 and asked if it could be refurbished or if they sell the parts and they said I would need to find an electrician who wanted to fix it for me and the modern wheels are so different electrically wise that we cant even combine the two. The wheel is currently in swindon, Wiltshire. Any ideas of how to get it fixed or who to ask? i really dont want to scrap it
  11. From the album: What I am up to

    One angle of my basement studio. It's not perfect but it works well.
  12. From the album: What I am up to

    Another view of my workspace. From this angle you can see the workbench that I built for my wife.
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