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  1. I bisque fired at 06 instead of 04. Should I refire at 04 or will they be ok to paint?

    1. Min


      Hi @Skolleda, this Status Updates section is more for just posting general comments about what you have going on at the moment. Questions are best asked in one of the forum sections, yours would be good to post in the Studio Operations and Making Work section here. Just click on the orange "Start new topic" and follow the prompts. Posts in the forum sections are searchable and easy to find, here they are not after they get bumped to the bottom of the list.

      To answer your question, ^06 bisque is going to be more porous than ^04 but if you can get the same amount of glaze on the bisque it should be okay. Other thing to consider is what is the final glaze firing cone. If this is earthenware and only going to ^06 on the glaze fire then yes I would re-bisque to ^04, if it's cone 6 clay then it should be fine. 

  2. Thank you. I will definitely do that! How often should I pull that apart for maintenance?
  3. It is definitely over firing! That’s the problem, when the cone bent (actually melted at this point!) it didn’t turn off!!
  4. Hi. I have a Gare 1818 cone sitter kiln. It turns on and heats fine, but keeps getting hotter and won’t switch off! The cone sitter bar seems fine and doesn’t seem to be sticking. It has been calibrated. Any advice please?!?!?! thank you, stacey
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