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  1. If I remember correctly I think for the first 2 hours the timer cycled every 60 sec and I think only the bottom 4 element came on and then after the 2 hours all 8 were on high .. would this do anything like that .. not sure since all the elements would be connected together so I would think they would all come on at the same time thanks
  2. ok thank you looks pretty simple, so the controller controls the temp climb and doesnt need any relays .. ..
  3. Neil did you have a chance to look at the pics I sent you ? thanks
  4. Bill I jumped the 2 and 3 terminals on the timer and the kiln fired up... it didnt cycle it just stayed on . so safe to say its the 2 in 1 timer
  5. Neil, Everything I functional except for the 2 in 1 timer ... how would you bypass that ? can i send you some pics of the inside of my kiln controls? If you send me your email I can send them to you ...I can’t post them here because they are larger than the limit. My email is jamesmdx1@aol.com thank you
  6. I’ll try to test later when I get home ... so leave wires on timer and just jump them while attached
  7. There’s really not much more to check . The relay was replaced and the infinite switch tested good. And the kiln turned on when I moved the wires to the on position of the relay
  8. Not yet .. do I leave the wires connected to the timer and just connect the 2 and 3 with a piece of 10g wire ? Or do I remove the wires first and connect them together ?
  9. Ok, so I contacted artisan, they make the 2 in 1 timer. They have it but it is 190.00... so my thought is to go with upgrading to the Olympic electro sitter, which goes in place of the kiln sitter .. but that would be only if the timer isn’t needed ... so basically the electrositter bypasses all the original controls ..relay etc? if I’m going to do this i need to make sure
  10. Bill, does that 4300 timer work the same way as the timer I have ?
  11. If I went for the Olympic retrofit surface controller it would bypass all the original electric switches and timers? And would be completely controlled by the new controller. I know the wall mount ones require all the original electric components have to be functional thank you !
  12. If I can find one of the 4300 timers would that work the same way as the timer that I have ? I would be willing to upgrade the kiln to an electronic controller. It’s a Duncan DA820-2. That would I guess eliminate he kiln sitter and the timer . I would like to get one that would fit in the space of the kiln sitter if possible. It I don’t know what one would work with my kiln. I’d rather not have the additional box on the wall thanks
  13. 2 in 1 Timer (EPC 12778) SKU: KP-DU-KM323 Be the first to review this product This item needs to be ordered in from our supplier. For more information please contact our customer support team. $459.00
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