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  1. If I remember correctly I think for the first 2 hours the timer cycled every 60 sec and I think only the bottom 4 element came on and then after the 2 hours all 8 were on high .. would this do anything like that .. not sure since all the elements would be connected together so I would think they would all come on at the same time thanks
  2. ok thank you looks pretty simple, so the controller controls the temp climb and doesnt need any relays .. ..
  3. Neil did you have a chance to look at the pics I sent you ? thanks
  4. Bill I jumped the 2 and 3 terminals on the timer and the kiln fired up... it didnt cycle it just stayed on . so safe to say its the 2 in 1 timer
  5. Neil, Everything I functional except for the 2 in 1 timer ... how would you bypass that ? can i send you some pics of the inside of my kiln controls? If you send me your email I can send them to you ...I can’t post them here because they are larger than the limit. My email is jamesmdx1@aol.com thank you
  6. I’ll try to test later when I get home ... so leave wires on timer and just jump them while attached
  7. There’s really not much more to check . The relay was replaced and the infinite switch tested good. And the kiln turned on when I moved the wires to the on position of the relay
  8. Not yet .. do I leave the wires connected to the timer and just connect the 2 and 3 with a piece of 10g wire ? Or do I remove the wires first and connect them together ?
  9. Ok, so I contacted artisan, they make the 2 in 1 timer. They have it but it is 190.00... so my thought is to go with upgrading to the Olympic electro sitter, which goes in place of the kiln sitter .. but that would be only if the timer isn’t needed ... so basically the electrositter bypasses all the original controls ..relay etc? if I’m going to do this i need to make sure
  10. Bill, does that 4300 timer work the same way as the timer I have ?
  11. If I went for the Olympic retrofit surface controller it would bypass all the original electric switches and timers? And would be completely controlled by the new controller. I know the wall mount ones require all the original electric components have to be functional thank you !
  12. If I can find one of the 4300 timers would that work the same way as the timer that I have ? I would be willing to upgrade the kiln to an electronic controller. It’s a Duncan DA820-2. That would I guess eliminate he kiln sitter and the timer . I would like to get one that would fit in the space of the kiln sitter if possible. It I don’t know what one would work with my kiln. I’d rather not have the additional box on the wall thanks
  13. 2 in 1 Timer (EPC 12778) SKU: KP-DU-KM323 Be the first to review this product This item needs to be ordered in from our supplier. For more information please contact our customer support team. $459.00
  14. ok so I tested the infinite switch with the meter and it seems to test ok. What I did next was to switch the wires on the relay to the last set of prongs which are always hot, the ones that they should be on are the switched prongs that are energized when the relay is switched on. The new relay has 8 prongs and the old one had only 6. I called the company that i bought it from and they told me that. So normally i wouldnt use those last 2 prongs. so switching to those 2 hot prongs I was able to get the kiln to heat. So my question is what do you think would be preventing the relay from switching on? Would it be the 2 in 1 timer? That part seems to be very expensive and I dont want to get it if I'm not sure .. how would I test that? thanks
  15. Ok thank you I will check that out today or tomorrow when I get home what is the function of the 2 in 1 timer and would that be something that could prevent the kiln from heating and is there a way to test that ? I see the replacement cost is like $200-400 bucks for that part . I might be getting ahead of myself but would this be a good time to convert my kiln to an electronic control. Not even sure if this can be done with this model and not even sure what electronic controller I would use . thanks
  16. Could it be the infinite switch ? That’s the switch that you turn to hi fire ceramic or over glaze. That has the most wires connected to it
  17. Hi thanks for all the reply’s I did change the relay but still doesn’t heat or even click. All of the connections inside to the switches and controllers are all tight and free from any corrosion or rust . I think have to check to see if there is power to the wires going to the relay. It has to be something not allowing power to the relay .. all the switches and controls are tight without any play .. not sure what it could be
  18. thanks for the reply. I did check both legs of the outlet and there is 120v on each leg. It was stored in a climate controlled room in my home so it never was exposed to dampness or extreme temps. The kiln is in excellent like new condition so it surprising that it doesn't heat I did cycle all the infinite switch , timer and 3 way switch, even tapping them with a screwdriver, but nothing.
  19. Hi I have a Duncan teacher plus kiln, DA820-2. I haven’t used it in a long while and before that I may have fired about 10 times purchased new . It currently doesn’t heat. I plugged it in and turned it on and the green light is on ..,started heating then just quit heating with the light still illuminated. Relay is not clicking at all and i put a new relay in and still not heating or clicking. Not sure what would be next to replace, any ideas on what could be the problem ? There is a 2 in 1 timer, kiln sitter and there is a 3 position switch and timer any ideas Thank you jim
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