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  1.  NYC only original tiki mug maker

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

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  2. im also fairly new and fire bisque at 06 and glaze at 05. After the glaze dries I always put use a coat of duncan pure brillance brush on to seal my mug. They make a glossy and mat finish. Also before glazing brush you item with water removing all dust particles, which when firing can cause holes or possible leaks in the glaze
  3. Awesome thanks so much for the help. I'm currently using standard low fire white slop 021320. chad
  4. I make tiki mugs and have a small kiln in my studio (genesis mini LT1120), and have been slip casting mugs, 2 questions (many thanks in advance) Ive been using low fire slip and firing at cone 06, can i then fire my bisque at cone 5 to glaze ? if thats possible can i then fire a second time back cone 05? thanks chad
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